Growing white cabbage

White cabbage - the most common variety, which has been known since ancient times for its beneficial properties and excellent taste.

White cabbage, as a rule, grown by seedlings... Seedlings ready for planting can be purchased in a specialized store or on the market, but you can also grow them on your own in a greenhouse or even on a windowsill in an ordinary apartment. At room temperature 200C, the seeds will germinate in just 3-5 days.

Cabbage should be planted in a previously prepared fertile soil in sunny areas, since cabbage is very photophilous. As the seedlings grow, you need to increase its watering.

Depending on the variety, early-ripening, late-ripening and mid-ripening cabbage are distinguished.

Early maturing varieties are usually planted between late April and early May. The crop is harvested 100-120 days after planting in open ground.

The mid-season is planted at the end of May and harvesting can begin between August and September. Mid-season cabbage heads are kept fresh for 3 months.

Late varieties of white cabbage give their first harvest only in October, but retain their firmness and freshness for six months.

Seedlings for planting should be strong enough, healthy and stocky, as well as have at least 5 whole leaves on each bush. Planting should be carried out in a well-lit area with well-fertilized soil (fertilized with manure or humus). It is advisable to change the planting location of cabbage every three years.

The basic rules in the care of cabbage are timely moderate watering and loosening in the aisles of the soil. During the period of active growth, watering should be increased. You should also carry out regular feeding.

One should not forget about all kinds of pests and diseases, from which it is better to get rid of immediately, and it is better to secure the plant for everything at once.

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