Planting and caring for blackberries requires studying the characteristics of the plant.

Blackberry, just like raspberries have a two-year cycle of shoot development - in the first year they grow, buds are laid, in the second year the shoots begin to bear fruit. The late flowering of blackberries, in the month of June, ensures that the flowers will not be affected by spring frosts, and the air temperature will be high enough for the normal ripening of a bountiful harvest. The ability of a plant to bear fruit already in the second year after planting is attractive to gardeners. Planting and caring for blackberries are not particularly difficult, but if you want to grow a good harvest, it will not be superfluous to learn some of the features of caring for the plant.

Blackberry is an unpretentious plant, but she does not like carbonate and saline soils. The highest yield can be obtained from a plant planted on loamy soils with good drainage... Blackberries are very sensitive to fertilizing and fertilization. For planting plants, it is better to choose places protected from the wind and warmed up by the sun.

Planting blackberries is best done in spring.... Directly into the hole, before planting the plant, it is advisable to add half a bucket of humus, 150 grams of superphosphate, 50 grams of potash fertilizers. The enriched soil is placed slightly above the roots so as not to cause burns. The distance to honey with seedlings should not be less than 1 m, and it is better to arrange the rows at a distance of 1.8-2 m.
If a raspberry-blackberry hybrid is planted, then the distance should be calculated taking into account the size of an adult bush. The height of the trellis for blackberries must be at least 2m.

Planting and caring for blackberries also requires knowledge of the characteristics of this plant.
... Since the fruits are tied only on last year's stems, the best option would be separate placement of growing and fruiting shoots... Young shoots are tied up as they grow up. Shoots that have finished fruiting are cut out from the ground, taken out of the site and burned.

Preparation of bushes for wintering requires special attention.... It is advisable to insulate non-frost-resistant varieties of blackberries, it is best to do this by laying the shoots on the ground and sprinkling them with leaves, peat, then throwing snow. In the spring, the bushes should be opened before the buds begin to swell. In the same period, the formative pruning of the plant is carried out, the shoots growing in an undesirable direction are pinched.

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