Early potatoes Zhukovsky - a song of taste!

Potatoes are a welcome guest on any table. One of the promising early varieties is the early Zhukovsky potato.

Description of Zhukovsky potatoes

Bred by Russian agronomists. Very early ripening, ready to eat 55-60 days after planting. Refers to the so-called "pink" varieties. Potatoes of this variety are resistant to most diseases: scab, late blight and others, and are also very well stored. Oval tubers, smooth peel and pulp that does not darken when cutting - all this makes Zhukovsky a welcome guest on any table.

The most important thing for which all gardeners and agronomists are trying is taste. So, Zhukovsky is all right with that. The taste of this potato is excellent. When processing these potatoes, there is practically no waste in cooking. And when eaten, you will fully experience the taste of early Zhukovsky potatoes. Enjoy your meal!

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