Why garlic is useful for humans

People from ancient times knew what is garlic useful for - this health booster. Already the ancient Greeks used garlic before competing in the Olympic Games.

Recent scientific evidence has shown that garlic stimulates the body's natural production of hydrogen sulfide. By transmitting cellular signals that sufficiently relax the blood vessels, hydrogen sulfide increases blood flow.

Researchers explain the defense mechanism by the property of garlic to stimulate the production of hydrogen sulfide a garlic diet for various types of cancer, including cancer of the prostate, breast, colon.

Why garlic is good for the heart

It turns out that eating a single clove of garlic per day is enough to prevent many heart diseases. After all, the normal work of the heart needs the required amount of hydrogen sulfide. Garlic reduces the tension in the walls of blood vessels, as a result, Mediterranean people who consume a lot of garlic are much less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases when compared with Europeans and Americans.

You should know, which will be much more useful if you crush the garlic or squeeze the juice and leave at room temperature, letting it brew for 15 minutes. This procedure stimulates enzymatic reactions, activating beneficial substances.

However, you shouldn't overuse garlic as it can cause indigestion. Many, of course, are more worried about the unpleasant smell associated with eating garlic. Fennel seeds will help neutralize it.

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