Strawberry and strawberry varieties

Strawberry and strawberry varieties arouses great interest and lovers of these excellent berries. Strawberry considered a wild strawberry.

Sweet strawberries can be eaten even without sugar. And if strawberries have a sweet and sour taste, then they can be eaten with sugar or cream.

Strawberry and wild strawberry varieties are presented in a wide range. Strawberries can be curly, garden or greenhouse.

Sweet strawberry Remontnaya is considered a very common elite variety. Strawberry Finland is also no less popular. Very often, such strawberry varieties as Queen Elizabeth 2, Queen Elizabeth and others are grown in their garden.

If you like sweet and sour varieties, then the Dutch variety Elsanta is for you. This strawberry variety has bright red large berries and tolerates transportation very well. But in the CIS countries, this strawberry can freeze out, since it is more of a European strawberry.

More seasoned is the Eros variety, which is distinguished by the orange-red color of the strawberry. The Honey variety is considered very sweet and beautiful.

The Korona variety tolerates frosty cold winters very well. This variety is considered Dutch. The berries of this strawberry are sweet and red in color.

No less famous are the varieties Zenga Zengana, Polka, Selva, Red Gauntlet, Ostara and others. Strawberries do not cause any particular difficulties in growing, and the resulting fruits deliver a truly heavenly pleasure from absorbing the year.

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