Cherry seedlings

Every gardener dreams of growing ripe, juicy cherries on his plot, which he is not ashamed to serve on the table. In order to get a good harvest, you need to choose the right cherry seedlings, because not all varieties are suitable for growing in certain climatic zones.

Most nurseries grow cherry seedlings, which are oriented for industrial planting, they have a high bole, are convenient as an industrial crop. But for the cultivation of a home culture, other seedlings are required.

In the southern regions, cherry seedlings can reach two meters, in nurseries in the south, cherries are grafted onto Magaleb cherries (antipika). In the south, cherry seedlings have time to ripen and prepare for winter. If tall seedlings are planted in a different climate, then they will be greatly delayed in growth and will leave in the winter completely unprepared. For central Russia, it is better to choose cherry seedlings with a stem height of up to 20 cm or grow trees with several trunks in a bush form.

In the conditions of the middle lane, northern varieties of cherries grow well, which are grafted onto cherry seedlings. A good result can be obtained if cherries are grafted into the crown of an antipka, but only winter-hardy forms are suitable for this method.

Cherry seedlings are best purchased in spring and autumn. When buying cherry seedlings it is necessary to pay attention to the root system, the roots of the seedlings should be powerful, the color on the cut should be light cream in color.

Do not dry out the roots and leave the leaves on the branches, as the seedling with leaves will quickly lose moisture and take root less well.

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