How to plant beans

The second place in the world in terms of acreage after peas is rightfully taken by beans... It has excellent taste and nutritional qualities, it can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes.

Before planting beans in the ground, it can be soaked in water, it will germinate faster this way. It must be remembered that beans heat-loving plant, which sprouts at a temperature of 10-15 *. With a decrease in air temperature and with high humidity, the plant can become sick or die. With temperature changes, the fruits develop poorly. Still, beans are a plant that can grow everywhere, the main thing is to choose the right variety that works best for your region.

For vegetable beans more fertile soil is suitable than for peas, deeply dug up, since its root system is at a depth of 20-25 cm.Phosphorus-potassium fertilizers can be added to the soil at 6-8 g per sq.M., nitrogen 5-10 g per sq.M. , in the form of dressings - trace elements zinc, boron molybdenum. If the soil is acidic on the site, then it can be calcified, and manure can be added to sulfur forest soils or sod-podzolic soils.

How to sow beans?

After preparing the soil, the seeds are planted to a depth of 1-2 cm, in two to three strips with an interval of 30 cm, there should be an interval of 15 cm between the plants.

I live in the northern region, so before planting, I not only soak the seeds, but I plant them for seedlings, and only after the onset of stable warm weather, I plant it in the soil. Bean seedlings, after planting, take root well. If I am coming close for the first time with a film or other covering material, you can get the harvest 2-3 weeks earlier.

Bean care simple, the main thing is loosening the soil, weeding, fertilizing with mineral fertilizers.

Always looks beautiful curly beans. We plant it not only for harvesting, but also for decorative purposes near the veranda, bathhouse, pulling twine from the roof down to the beans and tying up the plants.

Watch the video: We started planting beans in March! (October 2021).