Strawberries in a barrel - beautiful and tasty

Summer residents, as you know, are rich people for inventions, and if with the help of some summer cottage know-how it turns out to achieve a good harvest, and even save a piece of land at the same time, such inventions are doubly appreciated. A little effort, skill and, of course, imagination - and the result will not keep you waiting long. An interesting device for growing strawberries or strawberries will appear on your site.


  • Cooking a barrel for strawberries
  • We organize drainage
  • Soil preparation
  • Strawberry care

But other plants can be grown in such a barrel, for example, cucumbers, salad peppers or greens.

Cooking a barrel for strawberries

An old waste barrel will become a very useful thing, useful and pleasing to the eye.

Strawberries are grown in a barrel according to the method of the so-called vertical beds.

  • First, on the walls of the barrel, mark the places where the future bushes will be located.
  • It is better to mark it in a checkerboard pattern so that the plants receive maximum sunlight, this will have a positive effect on the future harvest.
  • The optimal cell size for planting strawberry seedlings is 5x5 cm, so the earth will not spill out, and the plant will not feel cramped.
  • On the surface of a 200 liter barrel, you can place approximately 30 bushes of seedlings.
  • In the marked places, you need to cut holes, gently bend the edges of the metal inward so that the plants can safely go up.

We organize drainage

To provide each of the plants with sufficient water, it is necessary to drain vertically using a drilled sewer pipe or using a more sophisticated method - filling the central part of the barrel with gravel. This will allow for an even flow of water to the plants along the entire height of the barrel. The space between the walls of the barrel and the drain pipe should be thoroughly trampled with soil.

Soil preparation

To prepare it, you need to mix:

  • two-thirds of the turf land
  • one third of the sand
  • you can also add wood ash
  • organic and mineral fertilizers according to the standards recommended for strawberries

Now you can actually start planting seedlings. Strawberries in a barrel feel comfortable, but you need to remember that the soil in a barrel will dry out a little faster than in the beds, which requires more frequent watering.

Strawberry care

When growing strawberries in such beds, the berries are less affected by gray rot, because they do not come into contact with the ground and are well ventilated. It is also good to spray plantings directly on the leaf with a mixture of Fitosporin or Alirin-B with Gumi. These are drugs of biological origin, they do not have toxicity, so they do not have a waiting period.

Gumi will give the plants foliar feeding, and Fitosporin or Alirin-B improve the soil environment, activate the natural forces of plants to fight fungal diseases. Weed infusion can be used instead of Gumi. Spraying is best done three times per season.

  • In the spring, with the growth of new leaves.
  • In June, before flowering.
  • And in the fall, around mid-September.

These dressings can be combined with spraying from a weevil. You can see the spraying period here.

It is better to use remontant strawberry varieties as seedlings. So you get a long-term impact from one barrel. It is better to grow bushes for 2-3 years. Then you need to put the mustache on rooting in order to update the planting. To do this, at the bottom of the barrel around the perimeter, pots with earth are installed, where young rosettes are pinned. You can replace plantings in autumn and spring.

In order to preserve plantings in winter, it is recommended to wrap the barrel well with sacking or non-woven material (lutrasil, spandball). After wrapping the barrel with a cloth, it is fixed at several levels with a rope or twine, so that the shelter is not blown off by the wind. The edges are secured with clothespins.

In autumn, it is better not to cut off the reddened leaves - let them warm the root collar. They can be successfully cleaned in the spring, after the snow melts. Also, reddening leaves are removed during fruiting. So they brighten the plantings, give them more sun and air.

For even watering, a five-liter drinking water tank can be installed in the middle of the barrel, with holes made along the perimeter of the walls with a hot nail. The keg is set upside down, the bottom is cut off. When watering, water is simply poured into it, which is evenly distributed to the sides and inward along the drainage channels. This will save you watering time.

Of the many ways to grow strawberries, as you can see, another one has been invented. There are many advantages to growing strawberries in a barrel. But the most interesting thing is to observe the children who surround such plantings in a round dance. Don't you want to put up such an unusual garden bed?

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