Varieties of onion sets for planting

The varieties of onion sets differ from each other in basic characteristics. These are the ripening period, yield and price.

Varieties of onion sets

1. Chalcedony is very popular in the south of Russia. Refers to mid-season varieties. The time from planting to mature fruit is 95 - 115 days. Unilocular, 1 - 3 primordial. Designed for planting outdoors. Up to 4 kilograms of the crop can be harvested from one square meter. It has a pungent taste and versatile use. The average weight of a marketable bulb is 85 - 100 g, but there are also giants - 300 - 400 g. They lie well in autumn and winter, small rot lesions are insignificant, about 0.2%. It is resistant to peronosporosis, but less resistant to cervical rot. Applies to the pen as well.

2. Ellan - a very early elite variety. Both the ground and root systems are growing rapidly. Resistant to pests and diseases. The bulb has a rounded or elongated - rounded shape, weighing up to 300 grams. Well suited for salads, as it has a delicate sweetish taste, sometimes slightly spicy. Very tasty feather. You can get a high yield of onions with occasional watering. Bulbs grown in this way are stored for no more than 8 months.

3. Stuttgarter rizen - a variety of early ripening, single-bud. Gives high yields. The time from the moment of planting the seed to the harvest is about three months. The bulbs are round - flat in shape, weighing 150 - 300 g, having a brown color. They have a pronounced pungent taste. The variety is resistant to the formation of arrows and downy mildew. The shelf life is 6 months.

4. Snowball and Setton - late ripening varieties. The bulbs are large and round in shape, weighing 150-200 gr. Snowball is intended for salads, as it has a delicate taste, white onion. Setton has a slightly pungent taste and yellow color. These varieties are stored for a long time, until spring.

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