Tomato "Shuttle"

Today, the variety of tomato varieties offered by breeders amazes potential buyers. In the markets, you can find seeds of balcony tomatoes, tomatoes colored yellow or burgundy, with various shapes - some of them are oblong, others resemble peppers or pears.

But among all this abundance, I want to highlight tomato "Shuttle"... This variety is great for practice. novice vegetable growers, since the plant does not require laborious tying and pinching. And caring for a tomato consists in moderate watering, loosening, removing weeds and feeding. The tomato can be grown both in greenhouse conditions and in the open field.

Tomato "Shuttle" good endures cold, is he resistant to late blight... It is convenient to grow it in a limited area of ​​land, which is possible due to the compactness and weak branching of the bush.

Fruiting tomatoes stretched and early, which means that it will be possible to harvest for a long time already three months after planting seedlings. The “shuttle” is easily recognizable by its smooth, red fruits with a characteristic plum-shaped with a sharp tip.

This variety of tomatoes will appeal to preservation lovers and housewives who prefer low-volume containers and whole-fruit pickling... Small oval-elongated fruits look great both on the table and in small jars with a spicy marinade.

Due to the dense structure of the fruit pulp, the "Shuttle" tomatoes perfectly tolerate transportation... You can put the crop in deep containers and not worry about bringing tomato puree to your home.

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