Care and cultivation of tomatoes

No matter how it may seem that caring for and growing tomatoes is an easy matter, in fact, improper care can lead to the fact that the tomatoes will not bear fruit, or the fruits will be small and tasteless.

Proper care and cultivation of tomatoes include:

- tomatoes must be grown through seedlings;

- you need to choose high-quality seeds;

- tomato seeds must be hardened before planting - freeze the swollen seeds for about three days at a temperature of minus two to three degrees, and then pickle with potassium permanganate;

- seedlings should be watered with warm water and only the soil, not falling on the leaves;

- the soil where the tomatoes will be planted in a permanent place must be prepared in the fall, after a good digging and adding humus, and in the spring, mineral fertilizers should be added to the soil before planting;

- you need to plant seedlings that are more than 50 days old;

- about a liter of water should be poured into each hole;

- having planted tomato seedlings, it is necessary to sprinkle humus or dry soil around the plants;

- seedlings should be planted at a distance of 10 cm, the row spacing should be 12 cm;

- three days after planting, watering and replanting of new plants are carried out to replace the dead;

- two weeks after planting the seedlings, you need to feed it, then feeding is carried out at the very beginning of fruiting, and the last feeding should be done three weeks after the second. With the second and third feeding, nitrogen should not be introduced;

- you need to pinch on time, tie up the plants, if necessary, loosen the soil and remove weeds;

- pinch the plants during the time so that they have the strength to fully ripen the fruits.

Tomato fruits can also ripen after being removed., if the cold suddenly struck, then all the unripe fruits must be removed and placed in a dark place or the plant must be pulled out by the roots and hung upside down until the fruits ripen.

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