Fertilizers for onions - how and when to use them

At first glance, it seems that simple bow does not require any special approach to itself. But more experienced summer residents know that planting onions needs some preparation for a good harvest. therefore fertilizer for onions should be in sufficient quantity. Now there are companies that create special fertilizers suitable for growing onions.

You need to use a complex, composed of organic and mineral substances... Then the soil will be well prepared for growing onions. Fertilizers should be applied in two stages. The first stage takes place when cutting land and soil preparation. The main dose of fertilizer is added, which makes the soil fertile. The second portion is laid when sowing onions. Fertilizers for onions play an important role - they create favorable conditions for its germination and ripening.

Bulbs consume a lot of nutrients from the soil, but when fertilized do not overdo it with organic matter... They can create conditions for the growth of the green part, and the onion itself will develop more slowly. In addition, with manure weed seeds can be added, therefore, it is not abused when preparing the soil for planting onions. But mineral fertilizers should be enough.

There should be a minimum amount of nitrogen fertilizers, but phosphorus and potassium accelerate growth and onion development. With an excess of nitrogen, a slower growth of the plant will be observed. In the future, such bulbs are subject to rotting faster.But it is impossible to overdo it with potassium, since it has a beneficial effect on onions... When applying fertilizers, you always need to know their composition, as this will help affect the yield.