Potatoes White Swan and its cultivation

Potatoes White Swan only recently began to enjoy popularity. However, it is worth noting the fact that it is not included in the register, where the permitted for cultivation are entered. potato varieties.

Therefore, the choice remains with the buyer - whether to trust this species, or buy the potatoes that have already been tested by time.

In general, when choosing a variety, start from the soil composition and climatic conditions of your region.

Potatoes and their cultivation

Knowing beneficial properties of potatoes, You will not doubt the advisability of its cultivation for a minute. So, it contains vitamins and mineral salts. However, keep in mind that they are preserved if potato tubers are eaten boiled and baked.

If you are interested in early varieties of potatoes, then among them are Timo and Ariel. For example, the latter type is quite well stored, and the pulp of the tuber practically does not turn black after boiling.

Before, how to grow potatoes, you need to take care of the quality of the soil. So, it should be light and gritty. For planting, give preference to open places, next to which there are no buildings and trees. Otherwise, the plants stretch out and the tubers become very small.

Successful growing potatoes directly depends on the predecessors of this culture. So, it is better to plant it after root vegetables and cabbage. In no case are potatoes grown in the same area where tomatoes used to grow. The fact is that these two vegetable crops have the same pathogens and pests.

After 2-3 years, it is recommended to change the site to a new one. If you have not applied fertilizers since the fall, then they need to be added in the spring during the digging of the earth.

But keep in mind that nitrogen fertilization is applied exclusively in the spring. Planting potatoes begins with the selection of large, healthy tubers.

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