Plant salad and its varieties

Plant salad has about a hundred varieties. Initially, the lettuce plant was grown exclusively for the oils contained in its seeds, and only after some time did ancient gourmets taste the leaves of this culture. Since then the salad became a welcome guest on many tables and an integral part of hundreds and thousands of the most varied dishes.

The most common type of salad is leaf lettuce, which, in turn, has a considerable number of varieties (for example, lollo-biondo and lollo-rosso). All varieties of this culture have a characteristic, pronounced taste and are widely used to prepare all kinds of vegetable salads and side dishes for meat dishes. Keeps up with lettuce in popularity its close relative is head lettuce, the leaves of which are collected in the process of development into small formations of a rounded shape, outwardly resembling loose heads of cabbage.

Another extremely popular type of this culture is watercress, which has won the love of gourmets. thanks to a rather spicy taste. This type of vegetable is ideal for preparing not only salads, but also a variety of sauces. The so-called ice salad, or iceberg, is very common and widely used in many cuisines of the world, which is distinguished by its mild delicate taste and characteristic crunching of juicy leaves.

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