Sea buckthorn in the photo

Sea buckthorn has been known for a long time as a plant with medicinal properties. Even in ancient Greece, horses were treated with decoctions and fresh sea buckthorn leaves, after which the weakened animals quickly recovered.

Seen once sea ​​buckthorn in the photo is already arousing interest. Appetizing color berries contain a very large amount of sugars (11%), succinic, oxalic and malic acids.

But the main feature of sea buckthorn fruits is oil content. The berry pulp of sea buckthorn oil contains 4.5%, and the Altai sea buckthorn contains twice as much oil - 9%! It should be noted that the oil is present not only in the pulp of the fruit, but also in the seeds of the plant.

Sea buckthorn oil is extremely useful and highly valued in medicine. It has bactericidal properties, promotes rapid healing of wounds, burns, helps with stomach ulcers, in the treatment of skin and gynecological diseases.

But you should be careful with taking sea buckthorn-based drugs for those who suffer from severe gastrointestinal diseases, cholecystitis and pancreatic diseases. In these cases, the use of sea buckthorn should be agreed with the doctor without fail.

In addition to sea buckthorn oil, it is a storehouse of vitamins. It is rich in vitamins of groups A, E, C, K, R. By the content of vitamin E, sea buckthorn surpasses all fruit and berry crops.

I think that after such an exhaustive description of all the useful properties of this plant, you will certainly want the sea buckthorn that interests you in the photo to migrate to your garden plot and give health to you and your loved ones.

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