Vitamin pumpkin

Vitamin pumpkin refers to a late-ripening pumpkin variety. From the emergence of seedlings to the ripening of fruits, it passes about 130 days. The pulp is sweet, crispy, very tender, bright orange. The thickness of the pulp is up to 10 centimeters... The bark is leathery and thin.

Vitamin prefers pumpkin light loamy and sandy loam soils... The pumpkin is sown after the soil has warmed up. Depth of placement of seeds - up to 10 centimeters. You can put 2-3 seeds in the hole. Pumpkin can also be planted with seedlings, which is planted in a month. This pumpkin variety is best planted in rows.

Vitamin pumpkin needs care. It consists in pinching side lashes, pinching the main stem, it is imperative to carry out watering, loosening, weeding, periodically the plant is fed with mineral fertilizer. For better ripening in the fall, flat stones are placed under the pumpkin. The crop is harvested in September and October before the onset of frost.

Vitamin pumpkin is characterized by high productivity, good keeping quality and transportability of fruits. This is one of the tastiest and sweetest pumpkin varieties. Pumpkin pulp contains a large amount caroteneso this pumpkin is often used for medical and baby food... Vitamin pumpkin is even recommended to be consumed fresh. Pumpkin is used for making purees and juices, and is also used in baked goods.

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