Planting bell pepper

Bell pepper popular among gardeners, it is a valuable and nutritious product that contains a huge amount of vitamin C. Predecessors peppers can be legumes, cucumbers, green crops, root vegetables. The soil should be fertile, well-drained, and retain moisture well.

Planting bell pepper begin with sowing seeds in early March... In two months, the seedlings reach sufficient size for planting in the soil. Seedlings in greenhouses require maintaining the temperature at a level 22 degrees... Seedlings also need watering, weeding, and loosening. Periodically, seedlings need to be fed with fertilizers. Before planting in the soil, gradually lower the temperature in the greenhouses and increase ventilation.

Planting bell peppers should be carried out in first half of May... First, prepare the soil, apply the necessary fertilizer. Saplings are planted at a distance of forty centimeters from each other. The distance between the rows should be about 60 centimeters. Pepper is best planted in the evening. After planting, the garden bed is covered film... The film can be removed in mid-June, but it is advisable to leave the film on overnight all summer.

After planting in the soil, the pepper may grow more slowly, so it is advisable to spend shallow loosening and reduce watering. Then you need to repeat watering every week and periodically loosen the soil.

The cultivation of bell peppers is not difficult; if you follow the basic rules, you can get an excellent harvest.

Watch the video: Pepper growing time lapse - 40 days (October 2021).