Reproduction of blackberries. Let's discuss?

Blackberries can be propagated throughout the summer and fall. The first is propagated using apical and horizontal layers, and the second is propagated by cuttings, dividing the bush or by root offspring.

How does it happen blackberry breeding in each of the ways?

Rooting apical layers

This method is the simplest way to propagate blackberries and consists in the fact that any of the growing lashes of the plant is bent with the top to the ground and sprinkled with it. Such a lash stops growing, quickly gives rise to roots, and then new shoots from the buds located at the top of the branch.

When the rooted top develops its own good root system, the new bush is cut off and transplanted to a permanent place. This breeding method is better suited for spring, because bushes transplanted before winter can freeze and die.

Propagation by horizontal layers

With this method, not only the top is bent down to the ground and covered with it, but the shoot along the entire length. Similarly to the first method, with a developed root system of young bushes, they are cut off and each seated in its place. This method is best practiced in spring as well.

Reproduction by root suckers

This method is suitable for bush blackberries. Offspring annually grow in large numbers from the roots of the main bush. It is worth digging up the offspring and planting it from the mother plant when its height reaches about 10 cm. Jigging is carried out in May - June.

Reproduction by dividing the bush

This method is used in cases where, due to varietal characteristics, blackberry bushes do not give offspring, or if it is necessary to uproot the mother bush. In this situation, care should be taken to ensure that each part of the bush that is separated is sufficiently developed to grow separately from the mother plant. Thus, from one old bush, you can get 5-6 new ones.

As you can see from the examples considered, the reproduction of blackberries is not particularly difficult.

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