How to plant a pumpkin

Modern amateur gardeners do not stop at any difficulties, so very often you can find quite successful cultivation of certain crops in the most seemingly unfavorable conditions for them.

Pumpkin refers to a fairly thermophilic plant, therefore, it must be planted in well-warmed soil and in an area where there will be enough warm days for the ripening of the pumpkin. But today, many gardeners have their own secrets in the matter "How to plant a pumpkin in their latitudes, so that it does not freeze and has time to ripen. "

In the spring, pumpkin seeds can be plant in peat pots and since the pumpkin tolerates transplants very easily, it is possible to grow pumpkin almost until the end of May in pots on a sunny windowsill. And yet it should be borne in mind that the pumpkin can be transplanted only until its second real leaves have blossomed, and if this has already happened, then it is necessary to plant young shoots very carefullyso as not to snag the root system.

And how to plant a pumpkin right away to her permanent place of growth... First, you should choose a sunny place for this plant. The most optimal soil temperature for planting seeds in open ground is + 23-24 degrees, and in cold soil, seeds can simply rot. Under favorable conditions, the seeds germinate on the third day. The pumpkin loves space, so when planting seeds, one should not forget about the space within a radius of about 1.5-2 meters for future pumpkin weaving. But in one hole, you can immediately plant 2-3 seeds.

Remember that pumpkin is very loves fertilizers, therefore, it can be planted directly in the humus, and during the growth, the plant must be fed regularly.

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