How to grow onions in areas of risky farming

In areas with a short summer period (Siberia, the Urals, the Far East), the following question becomes relevant: how to grow onions... In the first year, a set is grown from nigella, which serves as a planting material for the next growing season to obtain a marketable turnip.

To get ripe, conditioned bulbs for one growing season, conditions are needed for the appearance of early shoots and faster growth of leaves in the first half of the growing season.

It is best to take light, fertile soils under onions. In autumn, add humus to the site (4-5 kg ​​per square meter), dig up the soil, thoroughly clean it of weeds.

In the spring, after the soil dries up, you need to loosen it with a rake and you can start sowing. Before this, the seeds must be kept in a damp cloth for 25-30 hours to peck the roots. The seeds are covered with a 1.5 cm layer of soil in the grooves and covered with foil or thick paper, which must be removed when shoots appear.

Care comes down to watering, loosening the soil and weeding. Lodging of leaves is a sign of the onset of ripening of the bulbs.

If you use crop thickening method, the flow of nutrients into the bulb in the second half of the growing season will slow down, as a result of which the leaves will turn out to be thinner, new ones will not form at all. At the same time, the neck of the bulb will become soft, the feather will fall, turn yellow and dry out. This will mean that the bulbs are ripe.

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