Curly strawberries and their cultivation

Curly strawberry appeared relatively recently, and many people bought these seeds, hoping to achieve the same result as shown in the picture. But, unfortunately, the reality is that strawberries do not grow so beautiful.

What's the problem? The fact is that for the strawberry to become "curly", it is necessary to constantly tie its antennae to the established support.

If curly strawberries do not suit you, then you can simply plant a remontant variety of this plant in an ordinary hanging planter. As a result, you will grow an unusual "ampelous" strawberry.

Strawberries and their cultivation

Generally, growing strawberries is not difficult, especially if you know all the subtle nuances.

First of all, start by choosing the location of this plant. Good fruits grow on sandy and sandy soils. However, in this case, you will have to take care of good watering, since the water consumption will be much higher than on heavier soil of the mechanical composition.

Ideally, groundwater should lie at a depth of at least 55 cm. By the way, one of the advantages of sandy soil is that it is much easier to process and cut ridges.

Before, how to plant strawberries, pay attention to what crops were previously grown on the site. The best precursors are corn, beets, carrots, cucumber, cabbage, canola and grains.

By choosing strawberry varieties, try to give preference to those with different ripening periods. Thanks to this, the plant will bear fruit all season.

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