Growing hazelnuts

We all know about such a common nut as hazelnut... Meanwhile, hazelnuts are nlodom large hazel... It is added to various candied nut mixtures.

A little more than half of hazelnuts consists of oil, and a considerable part is made up of proteins. Among other things, this nut is rich tocopherol, iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Growing hazelnuts takes place in cities in Italy, Turkey, France, Sweden, America and Germany. But in our area, unpretentious hazel takes root well and brings a considerable harvest. On top of that, for the entire time of cultivation of this nut, no pests and diseases interfering with its productivity have been noticed.

Growing hazelnuts is about planting seedlings correctly. In principle, this plant adapts perfectly to any place - hazel equally well takes root on hills, slopes, lowlands and along river banks. For planting seedlings, it is better to choose one of the days in November or March. Having planted hazel, her be sure to water, weather conditions are not taken into account here - you need to water both in cloudy and sunny weather.

Hazel blossoms can be observed from December to March. If the plant has enough watering, then expect fruiting it is possible already for 4-6 years after planting.

Hazel needs warmth from the sun. The plant does not like thickened plantings and needs constant pruning... When cutting off the branches, you need to form a low tree shape.

Watch the video: Growing a Hazelnut tree from seed - Step-by-step guide (October 2021).