Rosalind potatoes

Early-maturing potato varieties such as Rosalind potatoes are especially popular among gardeners. Planting early-ripening varieties is very important, since recently, more and more often, many are faced with diverse problems during germination due to a changeable climate, lack of rain or, on the contrary, too rainy days, the appearance of new pests of potatoes, as a result, the gardener spends a lot of energy on potatoes, but receives a minimum return.

A way out of the situation can be the planting of early-maturing potato varieties.

Rosaline potatoes have many positive properties:

- is resistant to nematodes, viral diseases and even cancer;

- have high frost resistance;

- quickly yields, about fifty days after the first shoots appear, fully ripens, giving round-oval fruits with yellow pulp and pink skin;

- one plant produces about 16 tubers;

- can give two harvests per season. To do this, the first planting of potatoes must be done immediately after the snow melts, when the soil is sufficiently wet (if frosts hit, the plants just need to be spud), and two weeks after the first harvest, plant the potatoes again, but the soil must be moist;

- has a good taste;

- yields a yield above the accepted average standards.

However, it should be borne in mind that varieties Rosalind tubers and tops are quite susceptible to the causative agent of late blight (a serious disease of potatoes, when brown spots appear on the leaves and the plant may die in 10 days, especially if the weather is wet).

Before planting potatoes, it must be germinated and warmed up, it is better to plant it with a distance of thirty cm between the holes and adhere to a distance of 75 cm. Row spacing.

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