Step-by-step planting of tomatoes in the video will help grow cherry

Small, round cherry tomatoes are considered one of the most sought-after types of tomatoes today. You can grow cherry tomatoes in your summer cottage, and on your own balcony, and even in hanging pots. For those who are seriously fascinated by the idea of ​​growing these tasty and healthy vegetables, they will certainly be interested in how it looks planting tomatoes on video, revealing step by step all stages of plant development.

How to grow cherry

Although the system of planting and caring for all hybrids and varieties of tomatoes is almost the same, there are several features.

  • All varieties of small-fruited cherry tomatoes are highly productive. Clusters of small fruits ripen almost simultaneously, besides, they are characterized by good density and unusual taste.
  • Growing cherry is most convenient in greenhouses, since most varieties and hybrids are indeterminate, that is, they are tall. It is desirable to form tall varieties of cherry tomatoes in 1-2 stems, transferring the main point of growth to the lateral stepson. The step-by-step planting of tomatoes in the video perfectly illustrates such subtleties.
  • Given the long brushes, which are a distinctive feature of this variety, tomato bushes need a mandatory garter to the trellis. If you do not perform this simple operation, then, burdened with many fruits, the brushes will simply lie on the ground, and this can lead to infection of plants with macrosporiosis or late blight.

Watch the video: How To Grow Tomatoes. Cherry Tomatoes (October 2021).