Currant pruning in spring and during harvest

Spring currant pruning - one of the essential components of caring for this plant, which helps to form a harmonious bush, greatly increase the yield and simplify the process of harvesting.

Red and white currants should only be pruned during dormant periods when the plant has no leaves. These varieties of currants bear fruit on old branches, therefore, during the initial formation of the bush, five to six of the strongest shoots should be selected and cut off at a level of about 20 centimeters from the ground, and all other branches should be removed completely. In the future, the shrub will be formed precisely from the five left branches. Currant pruning in spring should be done annually or at least once every two years. At the same time, its main task is to form a bush, therefore, branches should be shortened according to this principle: a quarter at the edges and slightly lower in the center of the bush, so that the latter has the shape of a bowl. It will not be superfluous to thin out the crown a little in places of excessive thickening.

Black currant harvest is formed on both young and old shoots, while the berries on too old branches grow small, so they need to be removed. It is necessary to shorten the shoots during the dormant period or immediately after harvest, cutting them to a strong bud or almost to the ground and immediately spudding the bushes to stimulate the growth of new branches. With the initial formation of a bush, one should leave up to ten strongest shoots, and in subsequent years, remove no more than a third of all branches of the bush.

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