How to soak cucumber seeds

To which only gardeners and gardeners do not go to get an amazingly rich harvest on their site. AND how to soak cucumber seeds?

There are several main ways to get germinated seeds for planting.

  1. Wet a canvas rag, wrap cucumbers in it, put in a plastic bag and put away in a warm place. Cucumbers germinate within three days.
  2. Wet a cloth, and with cucumbers wrapped in it, put in a glass jar. Close the jar with a lid and put in a warm place for two to three days.
  3. The original method is used by many women - a damp cloth with cucumber seeds wrapped in it is put in ... a bra. Thus, they say, cucumber seeds can be planted in just a few hours.

For soaking cucumber seeds, it is best to use settled water, melt or rain water. Chlorinated tap water is not very suitable for soaking seeds. In addition, the soaking water should not be cold. the optimum water temperature, which should be used for germinating cucumber seeds, is 26-28 degrees. Also, before soaking, you can treat the cucumber seeds with a growth stimulant.

It is necessary to plant sprouted cucumber seeds very carefully, because if the sprout breaks, then this seed can be thrown away - it will no longer give a plant.

So we can conclude that. that germination cucumber seeds love moisture and warmth.

Good luck!

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