Planting a walnut

Planting a walnut is quite easy, and the result will please, because having received a large number of fruits, you not only get joy, but also huge benefit.

The walnut is a dioecious plant. This tree can live for over 500 years.

To successfully grow this type of nut, you can use any kind of soil, except for saline, waterlogged, highly eroded and weakly drained.

Walnut is a thermophilic and photophilous plant. It is able to withstand very low temperatures. Its very big advantage is that it recovers well and old shoots are easily replaced with new ones.

Planting a walnut
carried out in different ways. You can grow the nut using budding and winter grafting or by seedling forms. Walnut seeds can be planted in both autumn and spring. Landing is carried out to a depth of about 10 centimeters. The best forms are worth planting. In the first year, seedlings grow very slowly, and at the end of the first growing season they reach only 30-35 centimeters.

It is best to plant the nut in the spring, before the buds swell. In the southern regions it can also be planted in autumn For seedlings, it is necessary to prepare pits, the diameter of which will be one meter, and the depth of 60 centimeters. Add about 15 kg of humus, 20-40 grams of phosphorus and potash fertilizers and a kilogram of lime.

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