Bogorodskaya grass-Thyme ordinary.

Bogorodskaya grass-Thyme ordinary. A plant characteristic of the South-East and other regions. It is found in the northwest of Western Siberia. Usually this plant grows on dry rocky slopes, in the sands or steppes.

The herb is a perennial plant or shrub, 15-20 centimeters high. Stems of grass Thyme are of two types: lying and without fruit, erect and flowering. The leaves of this herb are in the form of an ellipse or ovoid. Flowers are small. Fruit - disintegrating into four nuts. It usually blooms in May and June.

This plant has medicinal properties. For this, Thyme must be dried, and then collect the tops of flowering branches and leaves.

Thyme is used as a refreshing agent in aromatic baths, for compresses for diseases of the joints, muscles. Also, this drug is prescribed when taken orally, as an expectorant for bronchi, whooping cough, asthma. Also, the infusion of this herb has a beneficial effect on patients suffering from peptic ulcer disease, gastritis.

Also, the herb of thyme is used as a substitute for thyme for the preparation of pertussin, which is used for coughing.

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