How to grow basil at home?

Now many are carried away healthy lifestyle... One of these seasonings is basil... Basil is used in salads, fish and meat dishes, in the preparation of various sauces and gravies. This herb is not only an excellent flavoring herb, but also a medicinal plant.

For many, the cultivation of flavoring plants becomes just a hobby. After all, they are most often not too whimsical and can even grow on a balcony or windowsill. so Ms. and basil. The answer to the question, how to grow basil home is quite simple.

We grow basil on the balcony. On the upper drawers, which are fixed on the railing, basil serves not only as a garden plant that we eat, but also as a decorative ornament, because its leaves, depending on the variety, have different colors - different shades of green, burgundy and lilac color of basil leaves attracts attention.

Basil is sown directly into the prepared soil. It should be well-drained, light, saturated with mineral fertilizers. such land can be taken from a well-groomed garden, or you can use special land for vegetable crops.

Basil loves warmth and light, which is why it is possible to grow basil on the balcony only when warm, sunny weather sets in, and the temperature does not drop below +12. If you decide to grow basil on a windowsill, then you can plant it almost all year round, taking care of additional lighting.

The secret to successfully growing basil is watering. Basil should be watered daily and only in the morning hours, avoiding waterlogging of the soil.

Good luck!

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