Processing currant bushes in spring

With the onset of spring, gardeners face the problem of processing shrubs. In order to get a rich harvest of red, black, white berries in the summer, you need to process the currant bushes in the spring.

Currant processing rules

The first steps for caring for currant bushes should be done in early spring, after the opening of the first - second leaf. For healing, the bush must be scalded with water from a watering can. The water temperature should be 80 degrees. If there are problems with hot water on the site, then instead of this, the bush and the ground under it must be sprinkled with ash. After processing the currants with water or ash, you need to form bushes, cut out dry dead branches, and substitute supports. If, after carefully examining the plant, you see the buds of an unusual round shape, know: they need to be urgently removed and burned. A kidney mite develops in them.

If you need young shoots, then you need to dig in currant shoots right now. The final stage of processing currant bushes in the spring should be tillage. It needs to be dug shallowly, fertilized first. As a prophylaxis of diseases, it is necessary to spray with any available and suitable means for this.

After completing such simple actions as processing currant bushes in spring, you will receive a well-deserved reward in the summer - full baskets of tasty, healthy berries!

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