How to grow onion sets

The homeland of onions is the mountainous regions of Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan. How to grow onion sets? Of course, from nigella. It should be sown in the spring, and it is better to use it. fresh seeds or at least not older than two years. Before sowing seeds you need soak in water hours for 2-3, and then place in a damp cloth for 2-3 days. When some of the seeds begin to germinate, they need to be dried to a free-flowing state.

The sowing grooves should be about 2 cm deep, and the distance between them should be about 10-12 cm.The seeds should be sown tightly, and then cover the grooves with humus or peat. To get a large seeding, seedlings are thinned out as they grow. Plants require regular feeding with liquid mullein (based on 1 liter of mullein per 10 liters of water). The consumption should be approximately 10 liters per square meter. This feeding not only nourishes the plants, but also protects them from powdery mildew. It is also necessary to systematically loosen and weed the beds. That's the whole answer to the question of how to grow onion sets.

The sevok is removed when the feather wilts and grows, and the necks of the onions become thin and soft. After harvesting the bulbs dry well, then the leaves are removed and sorted by size. The largest bulbs can be used for food, the rest should be stored in small boxes in thin layers of 6-10 centimeters or 2-3 kg cloth bags. The storage temperature should not be highotherwise the bow can give arrows. Best of all, if the set is stored at a temperature of 16-18 degrees.

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