Lemon mint

Mint has not only a pleasant aroma, but also valuable medicinal properties. Therefore, the plant is widely used both in cookingand in medicine... The most valuable type of mint is lemon mint, also known as lemon balm.

A perennial plant takes root well in moderately moist clay or loamy soils... Excessive soil moisture leads to the death of this herbaceous plant.

The flowering of lemon balm is observed in the summer, and the ripening of the fruits is closer to autumn. The height of the grass varies from 30 centimeters to one meter. Lemon mint flowers are collected in a corolla of 6-12 pieces and have a very fragrant smell that attracts bees. Bees make delicious honey from lemon balm.

Lemon mint contains quite a lot essential oil... Moreover, its amount may vary depending on climatic conditions. Besides essential oil lemon mint contains a large number of other useful substances.

Therefore, medicinal lemon balm is used in medicine as antimicrobial, antiviral, antispasmodic, antidepressant, immunomodulatory, anxiolytic agent.

In cooking, young shoots and leaves of lemon mint, plucked before its flowering, are used. This spicy herb has a pleasant refreshing lemon flavor... Lemon mint is added to various dishes not only fresh. In dried form, it also does not lose its taste, therefore it serves as an excellent seasoning for salads, soups, mushrooms, fish dishes... Tea and other drinks with the addition of lemon balm acquire a refreshing taste.

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