Growing potatoes from seeds

You are an amateur gardener, and you are faced with a new question about how to grow potatoes from seeds. By planting potatoes with tubers, every year we harvest less and less, and this happens due to the fact that potatoes get sick from year to year. You've probably noticed that by planting a bucket of potatoes, you harvest only half of it in the fall, and the harvest should exceed the number of planted potatoes. Moreover, its number should be increased by 5, or even 6 times. Growing potatoes from seed (seedling method) is a reliable way to achieve a good and high-quality harvest.

Technology of growing potatoes from seeds (seedling method)

In the second half of April, potato seeds must be planted in prepared seedling boxes:

  • The soil must be moist.
  • The seeds are not planted deeply.

After the seeds have been planted, they must be placed in a warm place and covered with glass. When your potatoes form two real leaves, they can be planted in small pots. Usually on the 40th day, when frosts pass and frosts are not foreshadowed, the seedlings can be planted in the ground. Having planted seedlings in the ground, they must be protected from temperature drops. That is, it is advisable to cover it with foil and create a greenhouse effect. It is recommended to keep the seedlings closed until they take root and warm days are established outside. Having planted potatoes in this way, do not wait for the first year of harvest, since in the first year you will be able to collect only minitubers (health-improving material), which will bring a good harvest next year, this harvest will be from 1 to 4 kilograms per bush. Successful planting and a good, healthy harvest!

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