Planting cherry plum and its cultivation

Planting cherry plum produced in a dug hole, pre-filled with a nutritious earthy mixture (superphosphate and potassium sulfate). Generally cherry plum, cultivation which has been popular recently, refers to light and heat-loving plants.

Cherry plum and its cultivation

The more light falls on it, the sweeter the fruit. Before planting cherry plum, look for a place where the tree will be protected from the wind by a fence or some kind of structure.

Soil preparation for cherry plum:

  • if groundwater lies nearby, then it is better to grow it on artificially created hills
  • if the soil is sandy, then add turf soil, if clay soil - peat and sand
  • in the event that the soil is acidic on the site, it is necessary to pour lime, chalk or dolomite flour into it

In general, almost all cherry plum varieties prefer neutral soil. At the end of autumn, it is recommended to apply organic fertilizers, for example, humus. After flowering, you need such a top dressing as urea.

If you are interested in early cherry plum varieties, then they include the Gold of the Scythians, Nayden, Pavlovskaya yellow, Rubinovaya and Pchelnikovskaya.

Cherry plum, useful properties which helps to cope with coughs and throat diseases, is used both in natural form and as decoctions, jam, marmalade and compote.

Dried cherry plum compote should be drunk by those people who have impaired digestion. These fruits can also be used for gastritis, accompanied by low acidity. Cherry plum broth acts as a natural laxative.

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