Onion planting time - spring

It is practical and profitable to grow onions from seeds. Since at the same time there is an opportunity to receive everything that is possible from him. After planting the bulbs, you will get flowering stems. Here is such a cycle of onions in the garden. It is worth noting that summer residents prefer to buy ready-made onions - sets. Since its storage is quite problematic

Onion planting time - freeze after retreat. Good predecessors are zucchini, pumpkin, tomatoes, greens. It is undesirable to plant after garlic and carrots.

Although the time for planting onions is spring, but the soil is prepared in the fall... To do this, 1 square meter will require 5 kg of rotted manure or compost. Potash and phosphorus fertilizers, 30 grams per square meter, will not be superfluous. For planting, choose a medium onion set. The corresponding bulbs grow from the small seedlings, and from the large ones go into the arrow.

Before planting onions - sets must be prepared... Put it in a bucket and fill it with hot water for a couple of minutes, temperature 70 degrees. Then dip it in cold water for a minute. After these procedures, soak the onion set in a nutrient solution for 12 hours (one tablespoon of nitroammophoska per 10 liters of water). After the nutrient solution, immerse it in copper for 10 minutes (1 teaspoon per 10 liters of water). All this must be done in order to avoid fungal diseases. After that, the onion sets are washed and planted. The distance between the bulbs is 6 - 8 cm, and between the grooves - 25 - 30 cm. The ground should cover the onion shoulders with a layer of 2 cm.

Watch the video: Transplanting Onion Seedlings Quickly (October 2021).