Tomato varieties for greenhouses are not afraid of diseases and give high yields

Tomatoes - the vegetable is very tasty and healthy, but those who grow them know firsthand about the fastidiousness of these plants. Moreover, the success of growing tomatoes depends largely on the variety, its adaptability to growing outdoors or in greenhouses.

Growing tomatoes in greenhouse conditions is quite troublesome and costly, therefore, special requirements are imposed on varieties grown in greenhouses:

  • high productivity
  • presentation of fruits
  • responsiveness of plants to fertilization
  • resistance to major diseases and high humidity
  • tolerance for insufficient lighting.

Specially bred, varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses, as a rule, correspond to the above wishes, although their taste may be somewhat underestimated.

Only F1 hybrids can be quite suitable for planting in greenhouses:

  • early maturing
  • resistant to verticillium, tobacco mosaic
  • highly productive
  • characterized by amicable ripening of the crop.

These are such varieties as: F1 Rhapsody-NK, F1 NK-Sprinter, F1 Etude-NK, F1 King of the Market VIII, and others having

  • early fruiting
  • not afraid of temperature changes
  • giving a friendly ripening of fruits.

Tomato varieties for greenhouses are usually tall, require tying, but the yield can be up to 20 kg per square meter. Growing different varieties of greenhouse tomatoes requires timely feeding of plants, their processing.

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