What type of potato fruit and how is it characteristic

Potatoes it is available in almost every vegetable garden, which serves for growing various fruits, because it is not difficult to plant it, you do not need to care much and the harvest is almost always good. And all that remains is to reap the harvest.

But, few people know what type of fruit potato... And what type of fruit is our favorite potato?

Potatoes are a type of perennial tuberous plants., which belongs to such a family as the Solanaceae. Therefore, the answer to the main question is the type of potato fruit - tuberous. Planting it in the ground, it gives out shoots with its other flowering, thus forming tubers among themselves. Digging them out, you can fully consider the structure of the tubers, it is quite interesting and does not look like any other.

This type of fruit is characterized by large content of a toxic substance - solanine, but it is not life threatening under certain rules:

  • you cannot keep potatoes in the sun;
  • if any green spots appear, it must be thrown away - this is the manifestation of solanine;
  • if potatoes have a bitter taste - this is also a confirmation of the food content, it is also not worth eating.

The main feature is that despite the fact that potatoes contain such a poisonous element, they are still quite a healthy fruit. In him contains many vitamin and mineral, it is also useful not only in food, but also for colds, with masks, etc.

I think it is important to know various facts about the origin and structure of any fruit, because how can you grow and dig out potatoes from your harvest without knowing that the type of potato fruit is tuberous? This is useful.

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