Agricultural technology of tomatoes in the open field

All gardeners are aware that some types of vegetables can be grown either outdoors or in greenhouses. Everyone chooses the most suitable option for themselves.

Agrotechnics of tomatoes in the open field is not much different from the usual care of other plants, also growing in the open air. So, what activities does tomato care include?

1. Loosening of the soil must be carried out to a depth, not over the surface.

2.Mulching is carried out with the help of humus, peat or sawdust, i.e. sheltering the surface of the ground in which tomatoes grow. This measure prevents overheating of the soil and rapid evaporation of moisture, reduces the germination of weeds.

3. Hilling. It would seem that this is practically the same as loosening, but no. When hilling, the loosened soil is pressed against the lower part of the tomato stems, which stimulates the growth of adventitious roots.

4. Weeding of tomatoes should be carried out especially carefully: all weeds are removed by the root.

5. Top dressing with fertilizers.

6. Watering.

7. Prevention is the best way to grow tomatoes. You should not bring the plants to the appearance of pests, diseases or overgrowing with weeds. It is better to prevent the occurrence of these troubles in a timely manner.

8. When the temperature drops, the beds with tomatoes must be protected with covering materials.

9. It is obligatory to tie the tomato shoots to the pegs. They are installed on the north side, periodically tying the twine higher as the plant grows.

10. The lower leaves on the tomatoes are removed, the stepsons are broken.

As you can see, the cultivation of tomatoes is not so difficult. The main thing is to carry out all activities accurately and on time.

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