Peanuts - healthy and tasty

Peanut - a very healthy, tasty and nutritious product. It perfectly satisfies hunger and contains easily digestible proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins B and E, calcium, phosphorus, iron and much more. These beans are real folic acid source, which is prescribed to all pregnant women indiscriminately, since it is responsible for the formation, growth and renewal of many cells and tissues of the human body.

Although 50% of this product is fat, peanut popular also as the basis of some diets. He lowers cholesterol, improves memory and potency, tones and soothes, increases auditory sensitivity, helps to recover from a serious illness... The taste of peanuts need not be mentioned. This product is widely used in the food industry, and peanut butter is one of the favorite treats for children and adults.

Despite all its advantages, some people have a peanut (or rather a bean) too tough. We are talking about allergies, which sometimes gets in the way of enjoying this popular food. In addition, limiting the use of peanuts is recommended for those who have problems with the kidneys or gallbladder, the thyroid gland is disrupted.

Interesting fact.

The peanut got its name only because its pod grows into the ground and it is there that the fruits are formed. In fact, this is a legume plant that has nothing to do with nuts.

Growing peanuts in our latitudes is not easy, but possible... However, in order to get a good harvest, he will need to create truly "southern" conditions.

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