How to properly grow potatoes

In order to get a good harvest, you need to know a few basic conditions. First you need to prepare good planting material. It is picked in the fall after harvest. They should be medium size about 4-5 cm. How to properly grow potatoes should be checked with more experienced gardeners. They will tell you where to plant it and how to prepare the ground.

Potatoes harvested in the fall must be pulled out in mid-March, process them with a solution of potassium permanganate and put in an even layer in prepared containers. The potatoes will gradually sprout. In a day it stands spray with fresh solutions of organic fertilizers, ash and plain water... When the shoots appear, it is ready to plant. The earth also needs to be prepared in the fall. Dry grass or food waste is laid in it, which by spring form humus in the soil. Before as plant sprouted potatoes the land must be fertilized with manure and dug well, while creating trenches. The ground should warm up well by the time of landing.

It is necessary to plant potatoes into a hole 10 cm deep, pre-fertilized with ash, humus and fertilizer. The distance between tubers should ideally be about 90 cm.How to grow potatoes correctly should be read in advance in order to have time to prepare the soil and trenches. Potatoes love freedom. A lot of space between tubers will prevent disease and contribute to a good, large harvest. With frequent planting of potatoes, tubers are often affected by late blight, and by autumn, potatoes remain green and small, and such vegetables are not suitable for food.

Watch the video: Early Potatoes Early Planting (October 2021).