Do potatoes need to be processed before planting?

Treating potatoes before planting with chemicals is considered by many to be a panacea, but it has both positive and negative sides.

Negative side in the fact that all summer residents and gardeners want to grow absolutely clean vegetables without processing and admixtures of chemicals, and after processing potatoes, we still introduce chemicals. There are also reviews of those who processed potatoes with chemicals before planting - their taste changes, and there is no guarantee that in the end you will not eat potatoes with chemistry.

Positive side processing is that it still gives protection to potatoes from beetles and all kinds of diseases. Most of those who process potatoes claim that in the end they get a good harvest, beautiful and tasty potatoes, and also spend less effort on caring for potatoes.

And here treatment of potatoes before planting with a mixture of mineral fertilizers and ash is desirable. This will help speed up germination of tubers and strengthen their defense mechanisms. Many also advise washing potato tubers with potassium permanganate before planting, this promotes the germination of strong sprouts and enhances the protective forces of the tubers.

You can make a protective-stimulating mixture: in ten liters of water, dissolve a teaspoon of boric acid, a teaspoon of copper sulfate and a teaspoon of potassium permanganate. Selected, already slightly sprouted tubers are carefully placed in a net and immersed in the mixture for fifteen minutes, then taken out, let the mixture drain and powder all tubers with wood ash.

For planting, it is worth choosing large, clean tubers, such tubers are strong and give a good harvest, choose a good site with fertilized soil, do not forget about watering and feeding, observing the dose of fertilizers. Weeds that sprout should be pruned with a hoe and left in the potato area as mulch.

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