Proper care of potatoes is the key to a good harvest

Complete potato care includes operations such as hilling, weeding, loosening the soil and regular feeding... In addition, watering may also be required in arid regions.

Potatoes are a crop that thrives not only in nutritious soil, but also in loose, breathable soil. Therefore, the key to the normal development of plants and, as a result, obtaining a good harvest is regular hilling, which must be carried out several times per season... This operation is best done with a hand hoe or hoe shortly after watering or rain. Hilling is extremely important for potato varieties that have a short tuberization period and for all potatoes. in the initial period of its growth (in this case, hilling acts as a frost protection measure, to which young plants are very sensitive).

Complete potato care it is also impossible without dressing, which should be carried out three times per season (during the period of active growth of tops, during budding and flowering, respectively). At the same time, for the first fertilizer, a mixture of urea and mullein is used, diluted in 10 liters of water, for the second - sulfate and wood ash, for the third - superphosphate and nitrophoska, pouring half a liter of top dressing under each bush. It is equally important to conduct regular removal of weeds, which can drown out the shoots of potatoes during the growing season (in the future, the tops close very tightly, and because of the shade formed, the weeds die themselves).

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