Strawberries on the windowsill: tips and tricks

If you live in a private house, then you probably have a small vegetable garden or garden. But what about those who live in apartments?

Many of them are interested in the question of the possibility of growing berries or vegetables on their own balcony. And in particular about how it will feel strawberries on the windowsill? According to experienced users of this method, growing strawberries in pots is not difficult. You just need to adhere to a few simple recommendations.

If you still decide to try to get fresh strawberries without leaving your home, you should choose varieties that bear fruit continuously. In this case, if you approach the matter with all responsibility, the first berries will delight you in a couple of months.

Strawberries on the windowsill will thrive in wooden boxes rather than small pots. Before planting, be sure to put some kind of drainage on the bottom of the box, be it rubble or coal. The next layer should be humus, which will nourish the future harvest with useful substances.

This is followed by the direct planting of strawberries. These can be either purchased (taken from the garden) seedlings, or grown independently. If you nevertheless opted for a strawberry completely grown by your own hands, then the berries should be well wiped and the resulting seeds should be dried. Then, having planted them in an ordinary pot, wait for the shoots, which will appear in just a couple of weeks.

It should be noted that it is recommended to water the plant through the bottom (that is, water is absorbed through the drain), and not by direct watering to the plant. Strawberries are very salt-loving, and therefore should be provided with enough light.

Following such not difficult advice, the harvest will not be long in coming.

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