Growing cucumbers in greenhouses and open field

Usually growing cucumbers in greenhouses interested in those people who intend to get the harvest a month earlier and enjoy our favorite vegetable.

In general, this technique is quite common, but not everyone knows a number of nuances. For example, grow cucumbers on a trellis most convenient. Thanks to this, not only the fruiting period is lengthened, but it is also possible to recognize the diseases of cucumbers in time and take appropriate measures to combat them.

As practice shows, cucumber trellis helps to increase the yield by 2 kg per square meter, compared to the spreading method of growing vegetables.

Seedlings of cucumbers should be planted in greenhouses from March to April. First you need to take pots with a diameter of eight centimeters, in each of which one seed is sown. They germinate best at a temperature of 20-25 degrees.

By the way, if greenhouse for cucumbers is not heated at all, then it is necessary to plant seeds already from the middle of spring.

Be sure to protect the plant from drafts, as it is the enemy of this vegetable. During the ripening period, cucumbers need quite abundant watering. However, avoid waterlogging the soil, otherwise the roots can rot.

If you like growing cucumbers in the open field, then this method will yield a harvest a little later. On the other hand, vegetables will grow in more natural conditions and are filled with vitamins and minerals. By the way, so that cucumbers do not have bitterness, they need good watering. Otherwise, you will have to collect fruits with an unpleasant taste.

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