How to properly grow cucumbers

Delicious, fragrant crispy cucumber - everyone loves it! Moreover, the cucumber is good in any form, both fresh and salted and pickled. Perhaps that is why there are so many different tips on how to how to properly grow cucumbersand each tip has its own story. Every housewife has her own favorite varieties and her own planting and care techniques. And those who want to eat early cucumbers, without overpaying a lot of money in the markets, and without risking pesticide poisoning, try to grow them on their own.

How to get early cucumbers
• First (preferably in autumn), the soil intended for cucumber beds is fertilized: using compost, potassium chloride and superphosphate. Then it is carefully dug up, not less than the bayonet of a shovel.
• There is a lot of debate about how to properly grow cucumbers with seedlings. But everyone agrees that growing cucumber seedlings in separate cups allows you to preserve a delicate root system when transplanting plants into the ground.
• In mid-March, 1-2 seeds are planted in individual pots with nutrient soil to a depth of 1 cm.
• At the age of 20 days, you can plant cucumber seedlings in a greenhouse, water the plants at the root with warm water (about 20 degrees).
• When planting seedlings of cucumbers, the plants are immediately tied to a trellis.
• After a week, the cucumber beds can be sprayed with copper oxychloride.
• Water the cucumbers every three days.
• Already in mid-May, the first wonderful cucumbers will appear!

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