Goose onions - delicate spring star

First flowers after the snow melts, it is always a miracle. Among them, in addition to the snowdrop, there is anemones, crocuses, spring and goose onions.

The latter is the most modest, but deserves special attention due to its healing properties. Goose onion bulbs used in the preparation of decoctions, which treat jaundice and dropsy, bronchial asthma and even epilepsy... You can also make a gruel out of them for quick wound healing.

In total, there are more than seventy species of this "star" plant in the world. But in our country, most often you can find only two or three. it goose bow yellow and small, as well as meadow. The differences between them are not that great. If you meet one of these species, you will definitely find out. Some representatives have large and beautiful flowers, others are smaller and inconspicuous. But almost all of them, with a few exceptions, sufficiently resistant to external conditions and unpretentious. However, there is also a goose onion, adapted only for decorating a greenhouse - this is a Greek onion (G. graeca).

Goose bow will make a wonderful spring necklace rocky gardens... Yellow, like a ray of sunshine and gentle, like the first green - it pleases the eye and inspires. If you decide to settle him on your site - give the flower a sunny spot and watch how warmly he welcomes spring, spreading his beautiful stars.

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