Growing potatoes Wizard

Growing potatoes is a simple matter. And this is absolutely the right decision, because potatoes contain a lot of potassium, starch and vitamins.

Of course, before you start sowing potatoes, you should decide on the variety. For this, climatic conditions and, of course, the characteristics of the soil should be taken into account.


  • The main characteristics of root crops and potato bushes Sorcerer
  • Growing conditions and watering potatoes Wizard
  • Consumer properties of the potato Sorcerer
  • How to care for potatoes Wizard
  • How the potato variety Wizard is planted

Today I would like to tell you about a wonderful variety that belongs to the category of superelite and is a novelty of Russian selection - this is the Sorcerer potato.

The main characteristics of root crops and potato bushes Sorcerer

This variety has the shape of an oval, a fairly even light brown skin with small eyes.

The leaves are small, oblong and smooth at the edges. In size, it reaches from 14 to 21 cm. Potato inflorescences are large and have a pleasant smell.

The tubers themselves are quite large (about 115 grams), starchy (13-15% is slightly above the norm), with dense white flesh. Flowering bushes have an attractive appearance: lush, straight, light green in color with numerous white flowers.

Growing conditions and watering potatoes Wizard

If the weather does not spoil your area with rain, then this variety will be the best choice, since it has a very powerful root system. Potatoes of this variety are considered early, and therefore rapid ripening does not require large costs in terms of watering. About three to four waterings are quite enough for the entire ripening period.

Due to the spreading shape of the tops, moisture is retained in the soil for a longer period, evaporation under the scorching sunlight is not so intense.

In case of prolonged daily rains, when many varieties of potatoes begin to turn black and, ultimately, may even die, the variety Sorcerer shows increased vitality.

Consumer properties of the potato Sorcerer

This variety has excellent taste characteristics. The Fascinator potato is distinguished by its light creamy pulp and sweetish taste. After cutting, the tubers do not darken in water and do not give a dark broth.

By the way, the fruits of this potato do not have internal voids, which is very convenient for cleaning and cutting.

Cooking it quickly enough, when cooking, it becomes moderately crumbly. This particular variety is considered the best for making mashed potatoes or fried potatoes. The Wizard potatoes are stored for winter harvesting for a long time and without problems. It is also not susceptible to long-term transportation.

How to care for potatoes Wizard

This variety of potatoes does not require special care - it is enough just to periodically loosen the soil and clear it of weeds. It is also resistant to all kinds of diseases and pests. Including the causative agent of potato cancer and late blight, as well as viral diseases and common scab. In the event of an attack by the Colorado potato beetle, it is slightly damaged. Only susceptible to golden potato cyst nematode. However, you should not experiment too much with this, and still it is better to treat the plant with special means.

For the prevention and control of viral diseases (speckled, annular, aucuba mosaic and others), insecticide spraying can be used (no more than 3 treatments per growing season), effective against the main vectors - aphids, cicadas and grass bugs. For the benefit, it is good to feed with organic matter (mullein, etc.) and use growth regulators.

But since the Sorcerer potato has high characteristics, it may well be sufficient to adhere to simple rules: early planting and early harvesting, planting bushes not close to each other (to avoid contamination with contact viruses), timely removal of tops and basic agrotechnical measures (hilling, watering, weeding).

How the potato variety Wizard is planted

Cultivation is carried out in the open field: "former" places of growth of perennial and annual grasses, flax, winter crops and grain crops are suitable. It is customary to plant seed potatoes from late April to early June (depending on the region and its climatic conditions), to a depth of about 10 cm, according to the scheme 60 * 35 cm (the distance between rows is about 60 cm, between bushes in one row is 35 cm).

The ripening period of potatoes from the moment of germination above the ground is on average 60-80 calendar days (but not more than three months), the tops die off from the moment of planting in 100-115 days. From one hectare, about 200-300 centners of potatoes can be harvested without problems (in a productive year it comes up to 400 centners / ha).

According to experienced breeders, potatoes have a high yield, thanks to which they can be planted twice a season. And what is remarkable, for the second time, the potatoes are in no way inferior in taste or quantitative characteristics to the first.

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