How to properly plant tomatoes in open ground?

If you are interested in what how to plant tomatoes, then for this you need to know some important features. Tomatoes love a lot of sunlight, so you need to look for appropriate areas.

As for watering, it should be abundant, but not frequent. If you do the opposite, then this will negatively affect the further growth and development of plants. Watering tomatoes considered optimal twice a week. But keep in mind that the soil must be moisture-absorbing.

Tomatoes and their cultivation

Growing tomatoes includes the introduction of additional mineral and organic fertilizers. They are used first at an early stage of vegetable growth, and then take a break until the first ovaries are formed on tomato bushes.

Before, how to plant tomatoes, it is necessary to properly prepare the soil. So, peat, humus and sod land are suitable for tomatoes. If your site has loamy soil, then you need to add sand to it. It is also advisable to steam the soil.

You can only harvest if the tomatoes are red. Artificial ripening will only lead to the appearance of a beautiful presentation. Tomatoes retain their beneficial properties only when they are fully ripe on the bushes.

By the way, the dangerous enemy of tomatoes is hot weather, since such a climate prevents the normal and full ripening of fruits. With an abundance of flowers, artificial pollination of the plant is necessary.

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