Pollination of strawberries

Most of the gardeners are familiar with the basics growing strawberries at their summer cottage... The rest is per person does nature. Rain and sun, wind and bees equally help strawberries to grow and bear fruit. But what about pollination in a closed environment?

If you are the owner small greenhouse, balcony strawberries - most likely, you will have to do this procedure manually. To do this, use a soft brush, transferring pollen from bush to bush and marking the treated flowers by tearing off a petal. You can also use artificial wind, that is, a fan. Pollination of strawberries in closed conditions you can and should do if you want to feast on sweet home-grown berries.

For large indoor plantations from 1 ha. and more will be fully justified buying a bee or bumblebee hive. Yet nature will do it better. If you are buying seedlings, pay attention to their characteristics. Exist dioecious plantsthat are sexed and will not bear fruit if there is no pair. In order to successfully set the fruit, you need to buy about 70-80 percent of female strawberries and, accordingly, 30-20 percent of male ones.

For growing strawberries in small volumes (at home, on a balcony or windowsill), it is better to give preference remontant varietiesas they bear fruit several times a year, unlike regular strawberries. This way you will get more crops from fewer bushes.

Watch the video: How to Pollinate Strawberries (October 2021).