What is a potato planting device

Today, gardeners can no longer do without the use of various machines, mechanisms, devices and devices. One of these irreplaceable assistants is potato planting device.

What are the accessories for planting potatoes

In order for the process of planting potatoes to take place with the least cost of effort, you need to take into account the amount of work and choose the right equipment.

Markers... For planting potatoes, they allow you to adhere to a certain distance between plants and save gardeners from the need to constantly bow to the beds. They are used for planting potatoes in a trench.

Miracle shovels ... This potato planting device allows you to simultaneously make holes and plant tubers at a specific depth. The use of such a device requires the application of force not much less than when working the land with a conventional shovel.

Nozzles for walk-behind tractor
... Motoblock is a single-axle machine with a transmission, engine, chassis and controls. Various attachments allow you to use the walk-behind tractor for plowing the land, planting plants, hilling them, as well as weeding. In some models, the potato planting device used for walk-behind tractors is equipped with a device for simultaneous fertilization.

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